Jumla- Simikot Trekking

Jumla- Simikot Trekking ! Jumla Simiko Treks

Jumla Simikot TrekkingJumla, Rara lies northwest of Kathmandu in the remote area in the Karnali Region. The route is very much 'off the beaten track' and trekking here provides an insight into a culture and scenery very different from the rest of Nepal. There are many clear  high altitude lakes that are often ringed with pine, spruce and juniper forests coupled these with a backdrop of the snowcapped Himalayan peaks and you have a true sense of well being. In summer rainfall is low making the region ideal for trekking, in the winter there is often snow on many of the ridges. The autumn season is a particularly good time to visit the area when there is a profusion of alpine flowers. One fine example of a high altitude lake in the region and perhaps the most famous is Rara Lake a popular destination for the few trekkers that visit the region. Except for the army who have a camp inside the park and near the lake there are no other inhabitants as the government resettled the people of Rara and Chapra when the area was declared a national park.


Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu & Transfer to Hotel

Day 02: Sightseeing Kathmandu

Day 03:Sightseeing in Kathmandu

Day 04: Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj .Overnight in Nepal gunj

Day 05: Early morning flight to Jumla than first trekking day Jumla 2340m - Padmara 2740m

Day 06: Padmara 2740m - pass Danfhya Lagna 3600m - Bumra 2830m

Day 07: Bumra 2830m - Pass Gurchi Lekh 3400m - Pina 2430m (Jhari Khola)

Day 08: Pina 2430m to Rara Lake 2980m

Day 09: Rara Lake 2980m - Gum Ghari 2200m - Mugu Karnali 1700m

Day 10: Mugu Karnali 1700m - Phaipata 2700m

Day 11: Phaipata 2700m - Chankel Lekh 3600m - Rowali Khola 3000m

Day 12: Rowali Khola 3000m - Darma 2100m

Day 13: Darma 2100m - Ripa 2000m

Day 14: Ripa 2000m - Torpa 2200m

Day 15: Torpa 2200m - Raling Gompa 3600m (camp Chakdrul Phulcha)

Day 16: Raling Gompa - Mt Shelmogang 5300 m (Crystal Peak)- Raling Gompa

Day 17: Raling Gompa - Nyimatang 3000

Day 18: Nyimatang - Simikot - Masigaon 2200m

Day 19: Masigaon 2200mm- Kermi Hot springs 2700m

Day 20:
Kermi Hot springs 2700m - Masigaon 2200m (going back)

Day 21: Masigaon 2200mm - SIMIKOT 3000 m

Day 22: flight from Simikot to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj

Day 23:Free day in Kathmandu

Day 24: Warm Departure