Mount Cho Oyu Expedition

Mount Cho Oyu Expedition

The British Indian Survey did not at first assign Cho Oyu a peak number. Thogh it was eventually assigned T45 (later changed MI) it must have originally seemed a minor peak among the giants that spread across the Nepalese horizon from Makalu to Dhaulagiri.

Cho Oyu Expedition

The name is now invariably to mean 'Goddess of Turquise', the peak glowing turquoise when seen from Tibet in the light of an afternoon sun. As goddess is chomo in Tibetan, and turquoise is yu, the construction of chomo yu to Cho Oyu seems conclusive. A lama at Namche Bazzar told Herbert Tichy that the name meant 'Mighty Head' and Heinrich Harrer claimed that the real name was Cho-I-u meaning 'god's head'. Harrer's suggestion is interesting because many early books have the peak's name as Cho Uyo, which would be a good phonetic approximation of the three Tibetan syllables. Harrer's name is also close to the alternative Tibetan translation of the name as ' bald god'. In Tibetan legend Cho Oyo, the bald god, had his back turned to Chomolungma, mother goddess because she refused to marry him.

Elevation: 8,2001m.

Region: Cho Oyu Region Tibet side.
The route: Kathamndu-Kodari- Cho Oyu BC.
Best season: Late Sept. to Oct.& April to May.
Program duration: 38 day


Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.
Day 02, 03: Prepare for Expedition.
Day 04: Drive to Kodari & transfer Zhangmu 2300m.Overnight at hotel.
Day 05: Drive Nylam 2750m. Overnight at hotel.
Day 06: Nylam rest for acclimatization overnight at hotel.
Day 07: Drive Tingri 4340m. Overnight at hotel.
Day 08: Rest of day for acclimatized.
Day 09: Drive to Chinese Base Camp 5000m. Camping.
Day 10: Chinese Base Camp.
Day 11: Prepared load to Yak for Advance BC 5700m.
Day 12: Base Camp - Middle camp with Yaks.
Day 13: Middle Camp - Cho Oyu Advance Base Camp.
Day 14-32: Climbing Period for Cho Oyu 8201m.
Day 33: Advance Base camp - Chinese Base camp.
Day 34: Drive to Zhangmu.
Day 35: Drive Zhangmu to Kathmandu.
Day 36: Kathmandu leisure/ rest /shopping.
Day 37: Kathmandu leisure/ rest /shopping.
Day 38: International Departure.