Bungy Jumping In Nepal

Bungy Jumping In Nepal ! Nepal bungee Jump

Bungee Jumping:

Bungee Jumping is an outdoor wild sport activity that has emerged over the past fifteen years, it represents a challenge for all thrill seekers. It involves a person jumping from a high place, usually several hundred feet off the ground. He/she is attached with an elastic rope normally at the feet, the other end of the rope is connected to the place the person is jumping from.

Bungy JumpingWhen asked why they do it, most Bungee Jumper's say they do it for the rush of free falling through the air about to hit the ground, then just before the disaster being yanked back up into the air at the last second. When the person reaches the end of the elastic rope there will be few meters between themselves and almost certain death. The rope stretches before snapping person back eventually. She/he is left dangling in mid air before someone retrieves them. The sport is no longer restricted to some places in Europe, New Zealand and America, bungee jumping is now well established in Nepal. The sport has finally found a natural home in the highest mountain range in the world with a jump recognised among the worlds best.

Nepal's only bungee jumping site is situated 160m above the wild Bhote Kosi river, it has been running for nine years with no mishaps, located close to the Nepal-Tibet border, a three-hours bus ride from Kathmandu. The jump, at 160m, was designed by one of New Zealand's leading bungee consultants, it is operated by some of the most experienced jump masters in the business. The agency takes safety very seriously.

Less than three hours from Kathmandu by Bungee Shuttle. Travel the Arniko (Kathmandu/Lhasa) Highway to within 12km of the Tibet border and the famous Friendship Bridge.

The Gorge:
Bungee Nepal takes place on a 166m wide steel suspension bridge over the Bhoti Kosi River.

The Bridge:
Swiss designed, especially for bungee jumping with a 4x safety factor. The bridge has a loading factor of 250kg per running meter. This means that the bridge will hold 250x166 = 41,500kg or 4.5 tonnes. Over 6000 meters of steel wire was used to build the bridge it is the longest suspension bridge in Nepal * The bridge joins two sides of a great valley, before its construction, locals walked five hours to cross this river gorge.