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Trekking is a way of seeing a country and its people 'warts and all'. You will walk through the streets of cities and villages and past the open front doors of houses, you will see the people at their daily tasks, the clouds forming below you and the magnificent peaks of mountains towering over you. In those trekking you will be involved in a way you could never be in a car, bus, train or aero plane; you can enjoy the friendliness of the people, feel the magnetism of the mountains, be at one with the country and at peace with yourself. Trekking is one of the fundamental outdoor activities on which many others are based. Trekking is the only way to reach many beautiful places in the Earth. It is also a best way to see the real beauty of Nature. Trekking is regarded as a better way to explore the places then in a vehicle because the scenes are not intruded by any distractions of noise and other hindrance.

Popular TrekkingIn another hand trekking does require some degree of physical ability and knowledge, as well as a backpack to carry food, water and essential equipment. The Himalayan ranges known as Silk Road are some of the most beautiful and interesting areas in the world to visit. Most of those areas are not served by roads so theyconsidered as a most remote and difficult places to get and the only real way to see them are on foot.

Some people may feel that the trekking may be an end in itself, for others it is a means to enjoy the magnificent panoramas and often the peoples of the mountains with their culture, traditions and religions provide an equal interest to the scenery. We organize trekking all over Nepal and also organize tailored services in trekking programmes according to your time, money and interest. Some of the other trekking regions are as follows.



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