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Restricted Area trek ! Mustang Trekking ! Dolpo Trekking

Restricted Area TrekThere are many parts of Nepal where the entry of foreigners is strictly controlled.Treks that may be suggested on a map any fall within restricted areas and you either cannot get a permit for those regions or you must travel with a special permit.Areas that require a special permit are as follows. Walunchung Gola,The Rolwaling Valley, Nangpa La in Khumbu,Upper Mustang,Upper Dolpo,Manaslu,Kanchanjunga and Jumla-Simikot.

There are many reasons why the restricted areas exist, in some cases it is a hangover from a time when the border with China was more sensitive than it is now. Environmental groups, particularly the Nepal Nature Conservation Society also pressure the government to keep some places closed for ecological reasons to avoid both cultural and environmental degradation.There are other reasons to, trekkers may require assistance with evacuation etc when something goes wrong (accident, illness or theft).The government aknowledges that they are not always in a position to provide such assistance or security in certain regions.
Recent changes by the Nepali Government have liberalised both trekking and climbing and there is considerable pressure by tourism groups to open more areas to trekkers. You should check with a trekking agency or the central immigration office before planning an unusual trek.

Fees for treks to restricted areas range from US$50 per day (with a 10 day minimum) for Mustang to US$90 per week for Humla and Manaslu.

Permits & Formalities

A trek to a restricted area must be arranged as a fully equipped organised trek through a registered trekking agency using tents, sherpa staff, cooks and porters. The trekking agency arranges the permit through a series of applications and guarantee letters a process that requires about two weeks and the process  can only be started 21 days before the arrival of the group. You are not allowed to trek alone there must be at least two trekkers in each group. For some areas there is a limit to the number of trekkers per season however there is no system of advance reservation and no clear indication of what will happen if the quota is reached the day before you make an application.




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